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Meyer West IP Pty Ltd is one of trademark owners that we feature on IP in Australia which contains details of the over 1/2 million trademarks registered in Australia. We provide this information to help Australians with their research in the intellectual property space. But to also help inventors to gain knowledge and make informed decisions about registering trademarks. We help Prosecuting patent, designs and trademarks applications in Australia. We also advice peoples on domain or business name registration and on protecting trademarks also. For more details you can visit our website

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This month our series on Great Australian Brands and Iconic Trademarks takes us to “I” and two, three-letter brands.IGA Australia’s population is hovering at just under 25 million. Although this may sound like a solid figure, the city of Shanghai in China has the same population. Ironically, although the only country in the world that spans an entire continent.the vast majority of Australia’s people (90%) live in cities. The cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth – are the home of over half the population.

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